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  1. [Release] Halloween in Candle Cove -- a holiday-themed expansion
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Claus said that Santa would be sleeping for a few days, the Grinch said he would happily return later. Before he departed, he left behind the magical snow globe as a "sample".

[Release] Halloween in Candle Cove -- a holiday-themed expansion

A few days Santa arose, feeling renewed and ready to get back to work for the next years toys. As he was eating his breakfast, Mrs. Claus was reminded of the kindly visitor and she showed Santa the globe. When he touched the device, a powerful magical spell was triggered.

Santa, his wife, several helper elves, and Santa's home workshop were rapidly sucked into a glowing vortex of energy A gleeful Grinch was spying from nearby and so he was able to sneak into the ruins and steal away with the globe. The device rests now in the evil Grinch's cave lair up on a mountain side.

The party is approached by a group of helper elves, who ask them to help rescue Santa.

They have become aware of the approximate location of Santa and how he became tricked, but they are just harmless workers who know nothing of the adventuring life. It is up to the party to enter the cave, defeat the Grinch, then find a way to enter the globe trap and release Santa.

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Basically it would need just a few areas: the cave system where the Grinch lives, and the interior of the Snow Globe. The latter would benefit from having a bunch of Christmas themed mods, as well as a chubby Santa. I think the snow globe interior should serve as a puzzle for the characters; they can find everything they need for Santa to escape, but they need to figure out how.

Will the snow globe interior be a large exterior with various arcade style challenges like banjo kazooie with each one resulting in releasing a group of souls or recovering one of the 7 magic presents that can shatter the globe? Silly or not, it's a well-developed backstory. If the same kind of care is maintained throughout the gameplay, it would give some engaging context to what we'd be doing.

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Any Special Requests or Questions? We'll never share your details with anyone else. Send Me A Quote. Do you believe that houses can talk? Well, neither did I. But Sleepy Cove is a magical place where anything can happen.

Special Deals at the Bavarian Inn Lodge!

Halloween Patel House can't sleep. Is he ill or just afraid of Halloween? Bonfire Night Can a stray firework cure Murphy house's headache?