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You can overcome and be a winner, or you can allow it to overcome you and be a loser. The choice is yours and yours alone. Refuse to throw in the towel. Go that extra mile that failures refuse to travel. It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure. Don't listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.

I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest. It's easy to get lost in thinking only about the challenges and obstacles before you. Instead, think only about your ultimate destination. If you give up on your dreams, what's left? This quote may be a bit extreme, but it carries a great point; your dreams define you.

If you abandon them, what else could possibly motivate you? Every milestone is a miniature victory in the road to achieving your goals. Don't neglect or underestimate them. Be sure to consult this list the next time you feel challenged or disillusioned in the pursuit of your dreams. By adopting the perspectives of people who have already achieved their dreams, you can wrap your mind around the challenges you face in your own life, and remain resolved in accomplishing your goals.

And teeth are often wisdom. Hey Iarisha! You can ask the Lord to remove any connection you and your ex-boyfriend might have if you feel lead to. Hi, Yesterday night i. In which, something was written on the sky may be in some language resembles like urdu or arabic. While he is trying to read it, it was disappearing slowly by hiding inside the sky.

Hey Indrani! We do not interpret dreams sent into us. Hey Irene! My friend had a dream when i had fallen into a toilet and no one was willing to help and another time i dreamt when i had lost my tooth, 2 of them. Toilet can often mean cleansing. Teeth represent wisdom. Ask the Lord for wisdom in how to cleanse from anything you need help with.

The Lord loves you so much and delights in helping us. God bless you. What does it mean??? One more I got a dream about dead body. Can anybody help me out this??? I had a dream almost everyday someone i dont know asking me to pray……what does it mean? Cool dream!

Hey Mamta! I have 3 dreams over and over and the same Happens all the time. But then it stops and the next dream stars. Always 4peopel sitting in front of a stadium And thay make all the decisions for the people the world. And then I stand up and talk against them and It always ends up in war. Then I come to a big Bunker next to a river but this bunker is so big That everyone that decided to follow me stays There including all kinds of animals but I insist that Thay should not fight this battle that I was the only One that could stop this war and help the People.

But then I run out to fight this battle and It stops… but I never return. What does this dreams mean?????? And every time I ask God to give me a sign What I should do? Thank you for sharing your dreams with us Annabell. We do not interpret dreams sent into us but we do provide resources you can look into purchasing that equip you to interpret dreams.

The Dream Crash Course would be a great one to do because it goes into detail how to break dreams apart to interpret them. Hello good day, i have a dream last month about Cooking with golden broth soap, after 2 weeks i have a dream of winning in lottery and this month of May i have a dream about queue people and im in the front. Can you please interprent it to me? You can ask God is this is something He literally wants you to do fast and pray for Israel or if there is something else He wants you to do.

Sometimes my Dreams become real.. I had a dream where I saw owning a land in Europe while my home is Africa. The land was good and fertile. What does good and fertile soil mean in the Bible? God could be showing you to be praying and declaring things over that land. Try that and see where God takes you next. Hello, before a year ago,I clearly remembered that day when I excepted Jesus as my personal savior. I sat down beside the area of crematorium.

Hey Pranali! What a beautiful dream to have! You were helping clean dirty dishes while talking about Jesus. If you think about that for a moment, what does that make you think of? Doug has a great Dream Crash Course. This course shows you 4 simple steps to interpret a dream. I had a dream: I was with other people and as I was talking to an old woman, I saw a rainbow, when I stood up, I saw something forming on the sky like writings in a gold white colour, I could not read it all but I saw the word Peace. And all of knelt down and prayed. Kindly interpret.

Hey Felistus! What a beautiful dream to have. Seems like God is bringing you into a season of peace. Doug has great dream interpretation resources that equip you to understand dreams here. One of the most popular is the Dream Crash Course. This will help you understand how to know if a dream is from God and what it may mean. Wow … Thanx so much …. I was about to run crazy … all these weird dreams … I live in uganda..

I be live God is calling me for something I am certain now even more than be4 …. I keep dreaming of these desgins.. I plan something.. I dreamt bob Marley asking me to his sister.. Thanx Rina. Hey Mutara! First off, God loves you so much and is speaking to you because He wants to show you the wonderful plans He has for your life. Doug also have a free e-book on how dreams in the night can help you understand your destiny. You can find that here. I know something greater than man does exist, I mean it has to right, given the fibernoci sequence of all creation. To make a long story short, prior to falling asleep last night, I asked God, well I demanded that God reveal himself to me in my dream.

Yeah, I know, who am I to demand anything of the creator of everything? Blind faith is not my thing. Anyway, I then fell asleep, and it was a dream I never experienced in my entire life, it was evil to say the least. As if the devil revealed himself to me. Bloody hell! It was the most ominous, dreaded thing imaginable. A force of darkness that showed itself to me. A label given to me because I choose to live my life, my way, of course without causing harm to others. I guess if I could remember the details of all that transpired then it may lend credence for better interpretation.

But as I said, what I experienced was the presence of evil, perhaps, demonic. Is this to say that God showed me the truth of what man has always searched for while being in this physical world, or was it deception from dark forces who seek to continuously lead astray? The purpose of my existence has always been to know the purpose for my being here.

So, I thank you, anyone in advance for reading this. Because, as Jesus said, the kingdom of God is within. Who bloody well knows.

Cheers, Amarielias. Hey Amarielias! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I cannot give you an interpretation of what you saw and experienced. I can saw God loves you so much and He loves that you want to know what your purpose for being here is. Here is an awesome article on purpose.

And here is a podcast Doug did on finding your purpose. God loves you so much and has amazing plans for you. Bless you Amarielias! Well one night I had one of many spiritual dreams but this was my all time favorite by far. I believe Jesus speaks to people in different ways well I remember a lot of dreams and I also have a big imagination with a great photographic memory.

In my dream I was at a country house on a hill with a lot of land and the clouds where dark it was obvious something was wrong I felt fear was running from evil people trying to get me. The sky opened up as the clouds faded I seen a light shine and Jesus Christ himself came out of the sky and held his hand out and smiled at me. I grabbed his hand with so much joy and he took me and we flew together to another place over the earth.

In another encounter similar to this one I dreamed what felt like a very long dream in a short amount of time. I seemed to all of a sudden transfer in another place which was Heaven obviously and was walking with Jesus he told me that he loved me unconditionally and had plans for me and to not live in fear of death anymore and showed me my place in heaven where time felt as if it was at a stand still. Really beautiful most joyful and amazing joy running through my mind body and soul in pure joy. I seen a hill top house Chinese style with an opened up type of dojo style house over looking amazing scenery.

We continued to walk with me and told me no more fear your one of my strongest sons you will be here one day but I need you on earth for now your very important. After finding the lord my father passed away I felt fear of death and I was really upset and in panic thinking about dying leaving my newborn son behind went through my head a lot and this dream happened to me. The Lord our Father communicates with us all in different ways and I believe the end days are soon as the spirit in my heart tells me so.

Please get rite with GOD because one day you may never have the option and what better option is their when it comes to knowing the Lord? He is the greatest and loves us all because we are all his children. Thanks for reading!!! GOD bless!!! Hi pls I had a dream about playing with my friends at the river side and suddenly a black bear came out and I was just trying to put my fishing hook inside the water when it came out.

Hey Sharon! Doug has some awesome dream resources that will help you grow in dream interpretation. When you think of fishing in the Bible, what comes to your mind? And for a bear to come out when your about to put your hook in that water, what could that then symbolize? I had a dream last night. But before my dream I had woke up around 4am. I normally sleep like a log but I was up. In my dream, I was standing in a screened in porch by a river and it was raining so hard it was raining sideways due to the wind. It was so real that I actually could feel the spray from the wind pushing the rain in, and against my face.

As I approached the screen I realized and had a sense that everything had flooded outside but I knew it would not take me. I look down at it and it read A. It then floated slowing away from me and turned so I could I see the back. On the back it looked like a scroll from long ago; like a short note. I immediately thought, is this Islamic? I have no idea or even a clue.

Then again the scene changed and I was in the basement of the home with the screened in porch and I saw myself packing items. Then I woke up today. It felt like I had company with me all day and I had a major sense of love in me, and through me. Thank you for sharing. I am sorry but we do not do dream interpretation over the internet. You may begin to dream more too. You had some water themes in there so check out this blog post on water. I had a dream last night which seemed so real. Pse help me interprete this dream.

Teresa, have you started reading the Bible since having this dream? I had a dream 1 A white polar bear was coming over the fence as if to get me, I was with others and we were running.

I fixed a salad, mixed, like fruit salad with greens, on the way I was trying to get across broken stairs like on the outside of a deck.. I was high up so I must have already been half way or more up. THen there was a car that I was trying to get to that would transport me to the office. When I got there, my boss tried to put more stuff in the salad mix as she said it was not enough.?

It sound like God is showing you that it was not his will for you to lose your job, which means it was unjust and you have the right to ask God to bring you justice and open the doors to a better job. Ask God to show you what lies and deceptions that you stepped on so you can repent and throw them out of your thoughts and beliefs. Please I will appreciate your kind assistance in unlocking some of these dreams to know what God is saying regarding my life.

I had so many dreams from Novermber till date that got me pondering could it be a call from God? He said to me look up and I looked up and I saw great mansions , and he said to Me,he is the one who built those mansions for those people, and he said look down And looked down and I saw an old drum that I recognised very well, I used that drum in Our family house for my every day chores many years before I got married ,i would fetch and fill this old drum with water each day because there were no water systems around the house , It was amazing I saw that same drum in front of both of us, then Jesus asked me who kept this drum here?

And I said I do not know,without saying a word Jesus just touched the very old drum and the drum became a brand new DRUM in front of me. Then he turned around and began to walk away, I was surprised and happy for the miracle I witnessed in front of me, suddenly he disappeared. Whiled still in that dream I began to regret why I did not tell him to build my own mansion Too then I woke up. When I work up the Holy Spirit then ministered to me now kneel down and ask him To build your own mansion for you.

Since after that transformation my entire life and financial situation changed. Then i began to wonder why only one maize grow in such a verse land,in there words all that I saw was only sand and a single little growing maize in that desert. My number in that dream was 27,shortly my number was called and it tallied on the number 27 queue were there were only white people and the name of that queue was written in Spanish on a banner behind me, and so I stood right there.

I went to another house hold and I told them i was preparing to go for a sport training and a lady offered me a sport trouser to support my body for the training because I was wearing a short black and white drafted gown,and while in this dream I saw a Day Vision like I was in South African airport sitting down all of sudden I saw scroll on the air flying upward there where write up beside each of these numbers but I could not remember all the numbers but I still remember; — 27 — 30 —.

Immediately after this terrifying vision I began to look around for people who could help me interpret this vision for me in this dream no one could interpret this vision. So, I went to God in prayer and fasting for interpretation,then I dreamed were my aunt who is in Germany Visited me passing through my back gate, were I never expected any visitor to pass through,and then she asked me to show her in side my house, then we went in together. But it was so amazing to know that same house was a mansion in side,the rooms were very large and beautiful different and the out side was not as beautiful as the in side.

I have them sometimes too.. Thanks for sharing with us. When my husband was telling me about the dream he had the other day where he was soaked in the rains and the other one where he was eating fat meat. What does that mean. I was Scared it may enter again as a closer window Was opened, my dream ended. I have had continued dreams that my husband is leaving me somewhere and I am trying to find my way home. I keep dreaming of the same people for the past 9 years. In the dream I am working again on the team, painting.

Almost like I just picked up from where I left off, and they welcome me back. For 9 years i keep dreaming this, full color and even my emotions feel real. What does all this mean??? I keep having dreams where im out shopping or out having fun,sometimes with friends,sometimes its family.

I,m born again,but i have these abandonment issues in dreams. Had a dream that lasted for 2 years progressing every time I had this dream. I owned a house that was 3 houses, first house on the bottom, middle house and finally third house on the top. I had to fight and clean the second home, got to the third home and there were 3 Italian men there, when they saw me I knew they were demons and they leaped at me, I had to fight all 3 of them, they chased me. These 3 houses had their own parking structure, finally I stopped running faced them and spoke with authority to be gone, leave me alone in Jesus name.

I got back to the second house and I heard giggling so I went to the room and their were 2 little girls there and they instantly froze. I asked how long have you been here, he said we have all been here a while.

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Who else is here I asked, he beckoned me to look out the door, and I saw many heads from many nations peeking out their doors. If your old house disappeared and you have a new better house, it could mean you are about to face a nice upgrade in life. I dreamt that I accidentally set a tv on fire and it was flaming high, I grabbed a box of salt and it put it out. I was trying to get people out of my house before that that were unwelcome. When I ripped off the garland lettering decor, the screen ripped off and for some reason started a fire in the power of the tv.

So I immediately went into the cabinet and found the salt and threw it into the fire and it was put out.

Dreams Quotes ( quotes)

I felt I was in control of the fire. I slept a total of 10 hours through this dream. I woke up feeling it was real. Very lucid. Could we be in another world when dreaming? I dreamt that a room in my house got completely burnt down. Nothing could be salvaged. As I enter the room, I saw that only wardrobes and book shelves were inside but no bed. When I asked my wife what happened, she said the fire started from the window and that she called me but did not hear her calls.

What might be the meaning? See almost all the houses around me on fire with electricity as part of the flames i think lightning caused it and worrying about my home living with my parents in a wooded area.. Only most of the trees were fine if I recall right only the houses. Another part as I traveled to my families house to check on it was I saw several crows or Ravens or something with dark colors maybe a dark deep blue on fire flying normally with their skeletons partly visible.

No sign of pain mind you. I dub them cinderbirds. I had 2 fire dreams in 1 night, in both I was scared. Then in the next dream I was with my boyfriend at a park and someone had vandalized all the play things and I wanted to play so I started to fix everything so just as it was fixed hot ashes and flames were falling from the sky so everyone started running and we saw some berries so we stopped to eat them and managed to stay away from the flames. My father dreamt that he saw my late mother and a family member also deceased roasted on fire.

I had dream that me and my oldest daughter were in a room with a fire place she got to close and her hair caught on fire. I remember pull her down and putting it out. She was ok but I can still feel the that came over me in the dream. Dose one know what this means? Outside I saw my girl neighbor from my home town. She run also we run away from the burning establishment or building during our scape from that fire we saw people selling televisions, computers or gadgets I think they steal those gadgets and then I woke up. I hope can some one interpret my dream. Thank you so much. I saw her renting an apartment near our place with her family, and I was shocked why she was there since I knew that their family is kinda rich x.

Then we talked, and talked and talked and talked. She told me what happened. My dream of fire was wierd and bad.. The people around try putting out the fire, but there seems not to be enough water in the hose, and then the fire then engulfs the whole bus with people inside. Now as the fire rages on, one of the occupants of the car manages to get out, but he still keeps burning, and I can gradually see his body decomposing in the fire, but he keeps walking forward.

Then suddenly, he begins dancing and praising God as his body finally burns off. Please what does this dream mean? The corner of my room was on fire and at first I was frantically trying to call some type of authority to help but I realised I could maybe put it out myself. So I was going in and out of the kitchen filling a bowl with water, while my mother just stayed doing her own thing. But every effort I did to put the fire out it failed or did nothing and every time I went back to my room it was worse.

Then my father started to help and he gave up because the first bit of water he threw on it missed… But then I was angered by that so he tried again and put most of it out and just left it saying the rest will go down, which eventually all went out and I woke up… No idea what it means. Afterwards the injured man steps outside where there are just small flames appearing to maybe be from a crash?

The barber looks at him frightened and backs away at the man on fire stumbling towards him. My dream of fire was bad. I have a fever at the moment That might effect it. So, I am asleep, my body is hot. Next thing I know my body is on fire, I rolling around on my bed but it was doing nothing. I look around, there is more people around me on fire Some are moving some are restricted also. We are inside this big area. I hear someone saying they all have the disease and we have to keep them here.

The rest of the dream, which lasted all night, was just be rolling around still on fire. I felt the heat on my body. The dream ended. So I had a really disturbing dream last night i dreamt my hubby and me were coming home, and we saw a big fire in the street we live. We were curious to wehre it was when we got to our house the fire was in our house, we left the kids with my inlaws when we go talk to them i see 3 of my 4 kids, i was relieved. But when i asked were my 8month old is they tell me they couldnt get him out cause the fire started in the area he was.

What is meaning of my dream in my dream i saw my friend push me in burning flame and i caught fire and immeditely i control the fire??????? Tonight, right before I went to bed I had a 3 hour conversation with a boy, someone I could see myself woth after he change. Then we hung up I got comfortable in bed and laid down. I dozed off and had a dream first about my high school freshman year ex boyfriend, and we were happy, which confused me.

I was so scared but I managed to get everyone out. As I had reached the bottom of the stair and made sure everyone else was safe, I ran back to get my cats, dog. It surprised me because my old cat named Sonny was in the dream and the new cat Bowtie. But Sonny ran away months ago. I had a dream about fire burning up somewhere around, outdoors.

As far as I remember, I think it was a house burning up and there was almost nobody around except me. The waves of fire kept coming to my face like a giant demon, burning up half of my face as I tried to run away from it. I still remember the effect that it had on my face, as it burned. For 2 nights I have dreamed of fire. Next thing flames were coming out of the fireplace in the dinning room. I woke up, but I was very hot all night, I could never get cool while sleeping.

Each stack of wood, then cardboard, then house. Everyone ran out maybe 3 people. Then I asked about my daughter, which is 24, but in dream she was young and my dog. I woke up. I do have a part time job, though. Can you give me an interpretation? In my dream, my house started to burn on its own but the flames were in slow motion. I was able to get all my animals out and collars and leashes put on my three dogs, I also got out my clothes but not my boyfriends. I went back to try and get the fridge and it had melted but the flames were still moving slow but had spread to all the outside walls.

I went back outside and got the leashes and watched it burn and thought well this sucks. Any idea what that means? In my dream , I was cleaning one of the rooms inside the house. A house not the one I live in for real. It was a mess crap everywhere. When I was done cleaning getting ready to walk out the door, I looked to the side of me and against the wall I see a little can of some kind of fuel tips over and spills.

And started a fire. I was looking for a fire extinguisher everywhere in a panic. I come across this hose that was running and I squirt ed the water on the fire and it went out. When I found my ex boyfriend I was telling him what happened and the fire started up again bigger. I had a dream that I lived in Hawaii with my boyfriend at the top of a hill and below, a village was on fire. A firefighter came by telling us to evacuate. So, while I am trying to get all of our stuff and leave, my boyfriend ends up cheating on me and I broke up with him. Right before I wake up, I have him cradled in my arms, extremely out of it and we are leaningon the side of a house that has been warmed really hot by the sun.

I had a dream that a house that we were living but not ours in waking life was in flames. I have a dream that my office has burnt and when i get home i found out my home is also burnt and only 1 room has survived. I have dreamt a few times now about being trapped in a fire at work with a colleague. I manage to drag the two of us out of the building eventually trying to keep him awake and then he is taken away in an ambulance.

I have had this dream now 4 nights in a row every night it gets longer and in more detail. Perhaps your subconscious is drawing your attention to something wrong with your foot at the moment that you should get checked out? When I had a sore throat I dreamt about long strands of seaweed coming out of my mouth….

I dream of flying burning big bat then suddenly look at me with his eyes are so big and all burning red. Before that I just came out from a burning house with my kids and luckly we are safe. This is so strange and firts time I dream of. Please tell me if this is a good sign. Not entirely the whole house some parts only like the room where my parents sleeps and our sala.

After the two parts was burnt the fire stopped i came back and fetched my clothes and planned to move out, and told my parents to move out too.. My dream was me and one of my friends were at school and then a lightning storm just came out of nowhere and my friend gets on fire and he jumps in a lake that was so cold then he come out of the school building crying and I comfort him then I woke up to my sister hitting me with a shoe what does it mean????

I had a dream that my nephew was out of hand and me and my sister were protecting him. He went over to this cemetery on top of a hill that was abandoned and starting running around setting fire to it. Then he hid and the fire was put out and me and my sister had to put our hands up and get arrested. Then I started crying that I was going to get blamed for this. What does this all mean??

I was tied By rope to a chair unable to move while my family and loved ones were being burned alive in front of me. It was one of the most gruesome dreams I have dreamt. Curious about what it completely means. I had a dream that I was fighting off a giant man. He was so strong and everything I tried didnt stop him.

So it felt like a inner strength from inside me bursted out. Before I knew it my body was ingulfed in flames. The flames werent burning me, but were more than powerful enough to destroy the giant man. Then I looked around and saw everything that I burnt. My tree out back. The grass and a bush. Then my baby neice saw me and she was so scared. She was running away from me. I chased her trying to calm her down. Finally when I caught her I put he flames out.

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What could this dream mean? It was mostly only ashes and burning coals. A part of me felt curious as to what was wrapped in tin foil so I unwrapped it and I relized it was a head of a man with no face. So I obviously got scared and threw it into the burning landscape. Then I started talking to the kid next to me and questioning what was going on but I got no answers.

So I would appreciate it greatly if someone with knowledge replies. After returning to my house smoke was rolling around at ceiling level. My daughter fell and banged her head outside and was seen to by a TV character who then told us to go and to grab what we needed before the flames started. We were in a panic inside the house getting bits and pieces. I woke in a panic feeling the emotions of fear and panic. I was in a mess when I woke. In the dream, I first talked to those people that are staying in the house I am about to burn. I know these people can be dangerous in the future so I decided to burn them.

They are living in the water by the way. I think they are living in the lake.

Above and floating on the lake. The one in one-legged incapacitated old man and the other one has health problems. They are supporting each other. By the way, when I met them, the incapacitated man was swimming while the other one was lying on a wooden floating bed. Then there it is. I took them into their house then set fire.

The house is made from woods and looks ruined. The fire did not go well and was easily extinguished so I decided to use gas. I pour gas to them and the fire rapidly spread. The two managed to escape but I dragged them to the fire. I dragged also the others that are meant to be burnt to the fire. I could see them being on fire and I felt so safe. Then I saw a yellow snake. I poured gas on it and set it on fire but it just bloated and tried to attack me. It turned orange and I could clearly see the scales. I swam for my life but it managed to reach me.

My dad was there and told me to kill it by stepping on its head. Since I was underwater which I am by the way from the setting of fire , it was on my neck level so I thought of grabbing its neck until it died. Fortunately, I woke up before it attacked me. It sounds like gossip to much talking and not enough listening. The snake depending on how big it is means telling tales. Someone might be talking or gossiping about you. See James 3 taming the tongue. Maybe you need to cut off friendships from people who are not really your friends.

I woke up today like any other day with a dream that keeps me up. In the dream there was four things. Glass shattering, lights fading,music,and then fire. I wore my hair up in a bun, dark blue skinny jeans ,a white loose maternity top and of course my black sweater i wear everywhere. Today was the day that i would see my fience at work and surprise him.

I put on my black and purple sneakers and head out the door. By the time i got there it was already his break so I sat down on a chair and waited for him. I must of drifted of to sleep for a second because again the only thing i saw was,glass shattering, fading lights, the soft sound of jazz music and fire. I felt something touch me and i jerked awake so see him smiling at him.

9 Things You Didn't Know About Dreams

Him and his soft eyes and his newly cut hair. I miss those cruls. He kissed me then as a single tear roles down my cheek as he helps me up and walks with me to the resturant inside. We sat down, ordered and as something behind be caught my attention; glass shattered. Fear starting to form i look at him starting to shake as he looks at me. After telling him was fine some more glass shattered. Something in my head,although a whisper was trying to tell me something.

The voice kept on repeating it and when i was finally able tomake out what it had said the lights went out for a split second and came back on. In this moment i had the chance. I grabbed my sweater and just as i got around the corner all i saw was meteor crashing through the building right behind me where i was just sitting and a flaming trail behind it. Crouching down and brining my sweater over my face to help me breath from the dust,dirt,flying shards of everything,and smoke. I look out the window seeing the fires as i turn back and go to the table.

Nothing is there no person left alive. The only thing left of him was his now broken glasses.